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Marcilio Mesquita de Góes

Marcilio Mesquita de Góes, founder member, senior lawyer, graduated in Law at UNP - Universidade Potiguar - in 1996, registered in OAB/RN with the number 3265, post graduated in Public Law at ESMARN, group 2003.1, and in Civil and Business Law at UNP, Financial Director of OAB/RN between 2004 and 2006 and Financial Director of AARN between 2015 and 2018.

He started his activities as a Lawyer in the Business and Civil area in 1996, focusing on the corporation service in Natal/RN and after expanding his action to the office in Mossoró (first branch) and all RN state.

As the firm’s activities continued growing, this partner started acting in the states SE, AL, PE, PB, RN, CE, MA, PI, MT e MS..

In the field of the individual rights he stands out as a supporter of the working and consumer rights with a broad participation in the respective forums and courts.

This partner also works in the administrative and fiscal area looking for preventive solutions of tax lawsuits elaborating legal opinions as well as the clients expenses regulation together with the Federal, State and  Municipal Finance Departments.

Diversifying and consolidating his solid career in 20 years of practice, he now aims at definitely assure his work as a Lawyer.

Wanderley Dias Barreto

Lawyer regularly enrolled in OAB / RN under No. 11497, Graduated in Law from the UNP - Universidade Potiguar in 2009, Graduate Student in Civil Law and Civil Procedure, attending Universidade Estácio, Natal / RN.

Stage began in February 2008 the Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C, in May 2013 was hired as a lawyer and April 2015 was promoted to partner.

It has operations with emphasis on Civil Law, Consumer Law, Labor Law, Corporate Law, Administrative Law and Family Law.

Felipe Yves Barreto Gurgel

Partner, Lawyer Full, graduated in Law from the UNP - Universidade Potiguar, in 2012, enrolled in OAB / RN under no. 10875, Graduate Student in Civil Law and Civil Procedure at Universidade Estácio, Natal/RN and Assistant Treasurer of the Association of Lawyers of Rio Grande do Norte - AARN between 2015 and 2018.

It started its activities in Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C in 2010, serving businesses of HSBC Bank Brazil group S/A in the states of Rio Grande do Norte and Ceará, with emphasis on Civil and Corporate areas, focusing on massed actions.

With the expansion of the office also began to serve the states of Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraíba, Pernambuco, Piauí, Sergipe and Alagoas

In the area of ​​individual rights, the partner stands with wide action in defense of consumer rights, inheritance and possessory, next to the forums and courts.

The lawyer was integrated into the partners of the framework in 2014 and currently focuses its activities in the management of assets and liabilities processes Organizational Bradesco, and the manufacture of advice to customers and partners, implementation and contractual analysis, highlighting the civil procedural law field, and drafting pleadings in the best interests of customers.

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José Edilson Lopes Freire Filho - OAB/RN 7.126
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