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From the vision of two young lawyers according to the necessity of a better service for our clients and by virtue of the lack of lawyers with a specific structure and profile as corporation’s counselors in the state of RN, in September 1997 a company with the name of Marcílio Mesquita & Revoredo Advocacia e Consultoria S/C was founded.

In August 2001, after the change of its members the company receives the name of Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C, as it is known today.

In these 13 years of practice, Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C is getting steadier in the market due to the dignity, respect, attention and professional ethic that shows in every case it supports.

As a result of those characteristics and as a way of better serve its clients the company has opened branches in Mossoró/RN and Fortaleza/CE, with the characteristic of being established in its own buildings.

The technical performance of this lawyer is allied with the legal service rendering company, with an organized administrative structure that invests in technology and in new solutions to offer more agility, security and transparency in the lawyer/company/client relationship.

In this sense, Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C counts with its partners´ experience and receives the support of a qualified technical staff formed by counselors in different areas, offering a more efficient, secure and quicker service for its clients, giving them the possibility of centralizing all the legal counseling in only one office and counting with a staff of lawyers specifically trained in the management of preventive and litigious processes.


Following with the expansion project of our firm and working in a preventive and litigious way in the business area aiming at the solution of legal problems like civil issues, contracts and opinions elaboration, working, taxes, consumerism, banking, family, estate, environmental among others, we are presenting our commitment of giving the best service to our clients, representing and advising them with high quality standards and professional ethic together with a convenient cost-benefit relation.

Within this context and looking for more strength and growth and as a way of better service all business and commercial levels, including the financial area Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C is in a broad expansion process achieving a solid name in the states of RN and CE.

The firm’s action principles are based in an ethic, professional and quality service with the only objective of taking care of our clients’ entire necessities.