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Not only of legal resolutions does the modern man live. We also need to act in the prevention of lawsuits and guide the investments in the legal business area with security and stability. Concerning these issues and trying to disminish conflicts and costs, the priority of Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C is the assistance related to the organization and performing of a wide range of its clients and partners administrative business.

Financial, real estate and banking investments

Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C, provides legal advice for its clients, partners and associates preventively and in advance in commercial projects, business establishment and capital growth in the real estate and financial fields investmenst such as properties trading, transfers, mortgage, taxation, mortgage law and related, stock trading in the financial market, business quotas acquisition, expenses settle and business structural guidance- aiming at the achievement of the goals and the economical integration of each part.

Business management: merges, acquisitions and taxing issues

Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C, across these ten years of performance, has ruled the activities design of its companies-clients, being directly involved from the beginning of the corporation’s life to the structural strength as a company and fiscal planning, for the legal counseling of its activities acting convincingly in the modern market.
In this aspect the firm offers counseling related to taxing issues together with the participation in fiscal administrative public agencies.

Financial and credit recovery

One of the Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C worries is to offer to its clients of the private trading business area and associated with the public authorities, strategic working planning with a group of professionals, lawyers, accountants and specialists in economy and financial management addressed to the resources use, funds investments and inheritance rescue with the objective of serving our clients necessities considering the broad scope of their participation in the financial market.

Litigious and controversy solutions

In this area, Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C, counts with an exclusive department with expert professionals in controversy solution and litigious subject, most of the times before and with no need of a legal claim or lawsuit, in the role of a preventive mediator and arbiter.


As an extension of its vast and qualified human subject in the private interest solution, business and administrative and litigant management Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C works on the judicial field managing the private interests that need the ratification imprint of the State.

In this field, we offer our services in two sub areas: Civil and Working:

Civil Law

It’s a Private Law branch that answers the private and common interests of each client, considering the working area or necessity (corporations and individual).

Commercial Law - In the legal area, it answers the business needs with capital and legal entities formation, counseling about hire and dismiss employees, solving working, taxing and civil conflicts;
Banking Law - Together with administrative solutions in the legal area it attends financial institutions, banks and related companies in the abolition of complex issues concerning to the capital loaning and payment, imports and exports, accomplishment and observance of the Central Bank and Brazilian Government;
Contract Law - The conflict resolutions that involve discussions in the civil and working area and also related to buy and sell, renting, leasing, loaning, rendering of services, employment, loan and restitution, mutual saving banks, financial and real estate national systems, consumerism claims and other contracts in general under the validity of national and international laws;
Consumer Rights - It involves the processual actions rendering for the benefit of its clients, in a preventive or litigious way aiming at omitting the damage existence or their repair;
Family and Heritage - The firm counts with a qualified section about the needed claiming processes for the conflict resolution of familiar properties, business heritage, inventories and judicial partition as well as list processing, in an agreed or litigious way, standing out in this area as a result of these ten years experience period;

Working Law and Working Relations Management

In this field Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C has had an important performance counting with a wide coverage in the offer and rendering of legal procedural services competent to the prompt and efficient solution in working conflicts managing the achievement of the employees´ working rights, as well as facilitating the conciliation and the agreement management in addition to good results and/or non onerous for the companies;


With a modern office and with a wide social vision in the legal environment, Marcílio Mesquita Sociedade de Advogados S/C, counts with a qualified list of associated lawyers and service renders, recognized for their education and post graduation in the Public law and all the related fields:

Processual Law

The firm counts with great knowledge and control of the civil, working and federal tributary process directed to the achievement of the jurisdiction application to each specific case. The firm takes care of the judicial process of its clients from the choice of the action’s redactor in its private department and with the help of specialists in the request’s revision and admission, as well as the strategic planning of the audiences and actions related to the process needed to achieve a satisfactory solution of the conflicts;

Administrative, Constitutional and Public Security Law

Besides its preventive private vision with direct action in the corresponding department and state agencies, the firm also acts in the field of public law related to business between persons and companies, companies and other companies, state owned and private companies, with an experienced group of lawyers to solve all the matters related to each business phase such as bidding, acquisitions, merges and contract rescissions as well as attending the private section of the firm referring to the private field of working rights, guide and legal solution achievement of social welfare and retirements and the practice of the strategies needed to the institutional regularization of the companies in the Social Security System;

Tax Law

The firm offers to its clients the contentious solutions, when needed, of the diffuse and collective interests in order to obtain the contract rescission and tax credit refund, fiscal launchings revoking and tax discussions related to the individual and corporative client’s needs;

Oil Derivatives and Environmental Law

Acting in the customer attendance market that develop and work in the oil extraction and in the related environmental responsibility, the firm carries out the follow up of these activities as well as the counseling to the companies in their relationship with the state agencies responsible for the environmental control;